It is quite fitting to say that at OD’s we have an affinity for all manner of designer brands. Brands that appeal to the artistic types, to the traditional types and so on. With Burberry clothing, specifically burberry kids clothes, we are exposed to a brand that embraces classic aesthetics whilst blending in with styles of today. Burberry began in the nineteenth century under the management of the 21-year old Thomas Burberry, who set out to create outdoor clothing that would be outmatched by any other. Fast forward to today and the brand is famous for the likes of their recognisable ‘Burberry check’ design and their range of trench coats.


Burberry Kids Collection at OD’s

At OD’s Designer Clothing we are proud to house a Burberry kids collection that is ideal for children from when they are in diapers all the way up to their teenage years. the Burberry kids collection has clothing items that are multifunctional, being perfect for both certain seasons of the year and types of occasions. But we get it. Kids can be a fussy lot. That is why we have compiled a number of our best items from this new range and shone a spotlight on each of them for you to see why they can be essential to your child’s wardrobe for 2019. So, have a read and see what you think will brighten your little one’s day.



Boys Burberry Bethel Trench Coat

The trench coat is an iconic item in the foundation of Burberry’s success. After all, the brand did start out with it’s focus mainly on outwear, so it is only right that coat items would be one of their more famous ventures. The Boys Burberry Bethel Trench Coat is a favourite of ours in terms of kids jackets. This long-length coat is given its traditional look through its beige colourway, button fastening and the brand’s famous ‘Burberry check’ design on the interior. It is given a more modern touch with it’s inclusion of a detachable hood which, when paired with the length of the jacket, makes it perfect for any rainy days. If you choose to invest in this coat for your little man, we guarantee that it’ll be pulled out of his wardrobe countless times without a doubt!



Baby Girls Burberry Mini Loralie Dress

Every parent wants their little girl to look her cutest on little family days out or at special occasions. Our collection includes outfits for your little lady that will definitely give her that extra cute factor. An adorable choice by us is the Baby Girls Burberry Mini Loralie Dress. Crafted from soft cotton fabric, this dress is made to be as comfortable as possible for your little bundle of joy. Designed with a checked print that imbues a pink hue and long sleeves that are accompanies by frills, this dress is fabricated to be as sweet as possible whilst still representing the Burberry name. Introduce your little girl to designer fashion early on by getting her this dress that is sure to be a favourite during the Spring and Summer time.



Baby Boys Burberry Mini Sean Shorts

Looking into Summer clothes from here on out is not as a daft an idea as you might think. Although Winter is still very much present, once March rolls around it will be high time to start thinking about the following few months before the sun really kicks in. A selection that would be perfect from our Burberry kids collection? None other than the Baby Boys Burberry Mini Sean Shorts. Fashioned for the littlest of men to be as snazzy as everyone around him, these smart shorts emblazon Burberry’s classic checked design, complete with button fastening and side pockets. Combine these shorts with a little white shirt and black or brown sandals for your little man to look like a true gent wherever he is.



Girls/Unisex Junior Burberry Flinton Rain Boots

Rainy days can be an annoyance for everyone. They dampen your clothes and can put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. So, if this aggravates yourself, imagine how it would make one of your munchkins feel. From the moment our little ones are born we constantly want them to be comfortable and free of germs. Thankfully, Burberry have this in mind with their kids collection by introducing the Girls Burberry Flinton Rain Boots and the Unisex Junior Burberry Flinton Rain Boots. Currently up for grabs, these pairs of rain boots are ideal additions to any outfits you have in mind for your children on those days when the heavens have opened. The girls rain boots come in bright pink to help in brightening your little girl’s day, whereas the unisex rain boots come in a neutral black colour making them perfect for any youngster. Both pairs have uppers that are made of sleek rubber, meaning no more scrubbing away dirt for hours on end. Comfortable warmth is also provided by the inner socks that carry the brand’s checked design. One big plus for any parents with energetic, impatient kids? The boots can be slipped on with ease which means less hassle when getting them ready to go out! Want to have less bother when preparing your little ones for a rainy day whilst still keeping them fashionable through their footwear? These pairs of rain boots are what you should be looking at!



Boys Burberry Noel Polo Shirt

When it comes to smart occasions and family days out, of course you want your little man to be presentable. You want to show him off and have him looking his best. Through our Burberry kids clothes you can accomplish this with ease by investing in the Boys Burberry Noel Polo Shirt. This clean-cut white polo shirt is an excellent choosing for anyone who is wanting to have their little man smart and Summer ready. The polo shirt is traditionally designed with the usual buttoning and collar, but there are extra touches from the brand such as a single breast pocket on the left which is accompanied by the recognisable Burberry logo. Those who are familiar with the brand will also recognise that the stripe design on the collar and cuffs uses the traditional colours from the ‘Burberry check’ design. Trust us, if your little guy is wearing this when out with you and the rest of the family, he will be the best dressed out of the whole bunch!



Browse Our Full Burberry Kids Collection

With a new collection comes a chance for you, in this case your kids, to try out new styles and see what gives off a positive vibe. Britain’s weather can be as unpredictable as they come, and our Burberry kids clothes are set to have you and your youngsters prepared for rain, sleet or shine. Want to take a closer look? Take advantage of the brand that is not afraid to blend classic and current by taking a look at our full Burberry kids collection to see which items will make it into your kids wardrobes as 2019 essentials.