Looking to spend more time with your little man? It can be difficult balancing work and family life. But with the Easter holidays on the horizon and a long bank holiday weekend to enjoy, it’s the perfect opportunity to set aside a few hours and do something special with your son.

The North Face is a brand centred around activities – encouraging people to go outside and explore, dressed in clothing that is stylish, comfy and built for adventure.

Here we suggest three father-son activities for you to try and pick out some of the best North Face clothing to do them in.

3 activities to do wearing The North Face clothing

1. Go camping for a night

As a kid, there’s nothing more exciting than a camping trip – even if you stay in your back garden. Just take the time to pitch the tent together, enjoy the fresh air and – when the sun goes down – tell stories by torchlight. Trust us, it’s a bonding experience that he will never forget.

Camping is always cold at this time of year, so make sure you both wrap up warm in North Face clothing. Dad can protect against the elements with the Men’s The North Face Grey Fine Pants and Fine Box Hooded Sweatshirt. Mini-camper can stay toasty with the Boy’s The North Face Slacker Pants and Hoodie, and if you do head to a campsite, pack it all up in the Men’s Rodey Backpack.

2. Explore the great outdoors

The North Face clothing is all about getting outside and exploring the great outdoors – so why not use this as your inspiration? Take a hike along a nature trail or grab the bikes and go cycling together. You can stay local or drive out to somewhere more scenic. Just be sure to invest in a suitable outfit for you and your little explorer.

We recommend starting with a sturdy pair of trainers for Dad. The Men’s The North Face Hedgehog GTX Shoes are packed with technical features and will ensure you stay sure-footed on the rockiest of terrain. Pair them with the Men’s The North Face Tech Woven Pants and the 1990 Retro Mountain Light Goretex Jacket and you’ll be ready for whatever nature has to offer.

When it comes to the little one, it’s best to use layers. That way, he’ll be warm enough in chilly conditions and – if temperatures start to rise – it’s easy to shed a piece of clothing. Style the Boy’s The North Face Tech Pants with the Boy’s Box T-Shirt in White and add the Boy’s The North Face Zipline Rain Jacket. Each style is designed to allow easy movement and they will keep him cosy and dry whatever the weather.

3. Take a trip to the seaside

There’s something about the beach that kids love. Even in the early days of spring, when the sea breeze is a little nippy, it’s a brilliant place to visit with your son. You can play football on the sand, build a masterpiece sandcastle, and skim pebbles out to sea. But don’t put a damper on the fun by not being dressed appropriately.

It’s a good idea for Dad to don the Men’s The North Face BC Slides. Constructed from durable water-resistant material, they are perfect for use on the wet sand and they can be easily styled with a pair of joggers and the Men’s The North Face Light T-Shirt. Boys can look the part in the Khaki Exploration Shorts and the Boy’s The North Face Mudder Trucker Baseball Cap. Just be sure to have a couple of extra layers for you both, in case the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worst.

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The North Face is a collection designed with the great outdoors in mind and, whatever activity you decide on, there will be a style to suit.

So why not take a look today? Browse the full range of Men’s and Boy’s The North Face Clothing and, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch – simply give us a call on 01744 730985 to speak to a member of staff.