The kids are returning to school after the Christmas break, and with a new year comes the ideal time to invest in kids designer coats so that your little guys can go through the school gates with that extra wow factor. But, what designer brand should you be looking at? Well, we at OD’s know the best option: Canada Goose.


So, Why A Canada Goose Kids Coat?


This brand has been favoured above most in recent years, being seen as one of the best outwear designers in the world, Canada Goose has flourished from being based in a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada to conquering the fashion world with their appealing outwear items, namely their coats. It is not an irregularity to venture around your city, neighbourhood or even street and see a Canada Goose coat being worn. Kids want to be in on the latest trends just as much as anyone, and to venture into school in one of these coats would be a great way for them to kick start the new year.


But what makes Canada Goose coats for kids so special? Why is it best for you to invest in outwear from this brand? Below we have picked out the biggest features of a Canada Goose coat, explaining why they will benefit your kids on a day to day basis.


Down Filling


One of the main features of the brand’s coat range is the fact that the majority of their coats are down filled, meaning that the interior of the coats between the surface materials are compact with down. Down has fluffy strands that connect and create insulation. In turn, this creates warmth when a Canada Goose kids coat is worn, coats such as the Unisex Canada Goose Youth Logan Parka and the U Canada Goose Grizzly Bomber Jacket. With these examples and more on our full Canada Goose  Junior Collection, high-quality down filling provides professional insulation for these lightweight coats that have become world-renowned. So, don’t be worrying about your little one shivering on the way home from school; a Canada Goose kids coat will keep them pleasantly warm for the entire trip home.




Canada Goose coats for kids come in a variety of different lengths. The brand has been known to create different styles, and with that comes coats that are either long and covering the thigh, or shorter and waist length. For example, a full length Canada Goose Parka would of course differ in size to the Unisex Canada Goose Royal Blue Youth Rundle Bomber. The differences in length cater to the different styles and benefits of each jacket; a parka design will cover more of the body in a more relaxed fashion, whereas the bomber design will appear more fitted and compact. Canada Goose design coats of different lengths to allow a variety of choice within their range. So, whether your child prefers a longer style to benefit from more warmth or a bomber style for a more fitted appearance through the elasticated hem, Canada Goose has a coat for him or her.


Fur Trim


As expected, if you look into our collection you will see that all of our Canada Goose kids coats, even though they come in a number of different styles,  are designed with the iconic fur-trim hood in mind. Fur is seen as beneficial in the coldest of climates, especially when incorporated into the hooded section of a hood. Although many find fur-trim hoods merely cosy and warm, Canada Goose originally implemented fur into their designs to assist in preventing damaged skin in the coldest places on Earth; fur-trim hoods perfectly assist in shielding the face from freezing cold conditions. With how cold Britain can become, it helps that these kids designer coats from this world-famous brand are crafted to be both comfortable and functional. With exceptional warmth also provided by the coat’s hood on those days that are bitterly cold, you can see why Canada Goose coats for kids are a favourite.




Canada Goose coats are found to be used on the likes of film and TV sets for night shoots and filming areas with cold conditions. Why would production companies invest in coats from this brand? Because they only look for the finest of outwear for situations such as the ones mentioned. Canada Goose gives great attention to detail and uses expert craftsmanship in each of their coats. No one wants to buy their son or daughter a winter coat every single year and that is where this brand is favourable. Canada Goose kids coats, like their coats in other collections, are designed and crafted especially to be long lasting. The brand uses high-end nylon and polyester in the lining and surface materials of their coats, making sure that they are stitched together flawlessly meaning they are less likely to, for example, fall apart due to fraying stitches. So, it is safe to say that you won’t need to be buying the kids new coats for quite a while.


Canada Goose Coats for Kids at OD’s


When it comes to Canada Goose coats for kids, your little ones are in for definitive warmth and comfort whenever they are worn. With the amount of kids designer coats available today, Canada Goose kids coats take the lead for their stand-out high-quality down filling, variety of styles, comforting fur-trim hoods and expert craftsmanship. Winter is still here, and with your kids headed back to school, make sure you invest in a coat that is luxurious and functional for them. Want to see for yourself? Check out the full Canada Goose Junior Collection and see what you can treat your kids to as they start school again!